Monday, June 3, 2019

Six Flags Over Texas Opens El Diablo Looping Thrill Ride

© Six Flags Over Texas
Six Flags Over Texas has opened what they are calling the "world's tallest loop coaster," named El Diablo.  As in past years I will choose to stay out of the debate as to whether these rides are roller coasters are not, but regardless of that distinction El Diablo is sure to scare the wits out of many Six Flags Over Texas visitors.

El Diablo stands 100 feet tall, sharing the record of the tallest Larson "Giga Loop" ride with Six Flags Great America's Mardi Gras Hangover.  El Diablo is advertised as completing one circuit of the loop in exactly 6.66 seconds, adding to its sinister theming.

© Six Flags Over Texas
Featuring a red, orange and black color scheme, El Diablo takes riders around the 100 foot loop several times, going both forward and backward.  The 32 riders are seated facing one another, allowing them to see fear on other rider's faces as they loop six times during the experience.

“The Six Flags brand is synonymous with innovation at the highest level and we are excited to welcome another record-breaking attraction,” said Park President Steve Martindale. “This super-sized loop coaster features six inversions and the most hang-time of any coaster in the park. El Diablo packs a wicked punch and gives our Members and Season Pass Holders yet another new thrill to experience with family and friends.”