Sunday, June 9, 2019

Batman: The Ride Coaster Opens at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

© Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Batman has swooped into Six Flags Discovery Kingdom with the opening of the all-new Batman: The Ride roller coaster.  Billed as the "west coast's first 4D Roller Coaster," the new attraction features cars that suspend riders on either side of the bright yellow track as they flip and soar through the sky.

Batman: The Ride is one of S&S Worldwide's 4D Free Spin coasters, which features a vertically stacked layout that begins with a 120 foot vertical lift hill.  At the top the cars are released to move through several hills, dips, and dramatic raven turn plunges.

© Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
On board magnetic technology guarantees that riders will be flipped at least six times during the experience, according to the park's press materials.  The combination of gravity along with the magnets makes each ride a bit different than the one before, though all are thrilling.

The coaster is a part of the park's new DC Universe themed area, featuring other attractions themed to characters like Wonder Woman, Superman, the Joker, Harley Quinn and more.

To read more about Batman: The Ride check out the park's official website.