Friday, June 7, 2019

Scott And Carol Present - The 2019 Fort Wayne Air Show

Scott And Carol Present 
The 2019 Fort Wayne Air Show

An invitation from the base commander at the announcement in 2018. The show date changed many months after this event.

An F-16 Fighting Falcon rolls into position for static display. It is the same type of plane the Thunderbirds fly during their performance.

The A-10 Thunderbolt II struts its stuff during the announcement event. As the best friend the ground troops ever had, they will also be featured in this years air show.

A B-52 for static display. The first one became operational on 6/6/1952. They have actively been employed defending our freedom ever since.

The Thunderbirds practice their diamond formation to pick out landmarks as part of their arrival.

Here is a little bit of their arrival at Fort Wayne International. They are very hard to track in the air.

This C-17 carries the support crew, operating supplies, and spare parts. The Thunderbirds don't travel without lots of highly qualified team air,, who represent the best of their classification.

Major William Graiff, Left Wing or "2," shares a little insight on how it feels to be a Thunderbird and some of the nice things he has been able to do for others while a member of the team.

Everyone is invited to meet the Thunderbirds at Parkview Stadium Friday night. You can find the details here: