Sunday, June 2, 2019

Cutback Water Coaster Now Open at Water Country USA

© Water Country USA
Water Country USA, located just down the road from Busch Gardens Williamsburg, has premiered their brand new Cutback Water Coaster to excited park visitors.  According to the park the attraction is the first RocketBLAST style water coaster located on the East Coast and a first for the state of Virginia.

The slide utilizes four person rafts to slide both down and up over a 856 foot long course.  The course features several dark tunnels along with five massive wide-open saucer shaped high speed downward turns.  The ride is decked out in bright colors including blue, teal, orange, yellow and white.  The movements mimic those of a traditional roller coaster, with Cutback Water Coaster reaching speeds of 35 feet per second.

"I'm certainly a big fan of traditional roller coasters especially the ones at our sister park, Busch Gardens, and to finally have a water coaster of our own at Water Country USA is a big deal," said Philip Boykin, leader of park operations at Water Country USA.  "This thrilling water coaster has it all, from speeds of a roller coaster to refreshing splashes of a water slide," said Suzy Cheely, senior leader of design and engineering at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Water Country USA. "Our guests are going to love this ride."

Are you ready for a ride?  If so, click play below!