Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Twisted Timbers' Track Instillation Reaches New Heights

© Kings Dominion
Things have become quite exciting over at Kings Dominion, where track instillation on Twisted Timbers is moving along at a rapid pace.  Just this week, the theme park began placing track on the inversion that takes place at the top of the first drop, seen above.  The turnaround before it was completed before the season ended, but we've all been waiting to see the next stretch of track go into place... now we wait no longer.

The trains will navigate the above inversion high above the ground, with riders plummeting down the first drop as they right themselves from the twisting plunge.  Another wider angle view of the progress can be seen at this link.

© Kings Dominion
Work on the rest of the ride has also been progressing in the last few weeks.  Ledgers and supports for nearly all the new profile of hills and twists have been installed, with track being applied to some of them.  The park updated their official blog with plenty of photos and information on the ride's progress.

This view is of the barrel roll that takes place near the end of the ride.  Obviously the steel track has not been installed yet, but just look at that twisted web of ledgers!  Twisted Timbers' low-to-the-ground track will help trains maintain speed throughout the 3,351 feet of track, which includes 20 moments of air-time.