Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Another New For 2018 Coaster, Blackpool's Icon, Heads into Vertical Construction Phase

© Blackpool Pleasure Beach
The crop of new-for-2018 roller coasters around the world is an exciting bunch, and one of the standouts is Icon, opening at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

The extremely custom designed Mack Rides launch coaster will twist its way throughout a large section of the classic seaside amusement park, interacting with several rides and buildings along the way.  It was announced some time ago, with plenty of lead time built in to construct such a complicated but thrilling addition.

© Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Now, we've finally entered the exciting construction phase of Icon where track and supports have started to be placed.  Granted it's not a ton of track just yet, seen above, but it's wonderful to see the ride standing.  Featuring gray track with black supports, the finished ride will feature 3,750 feet of track including two separate LSM launches.

Features on Icon include a layout that includes heavily banked turns and little straight track, aside from one huge air-time hill and the launches of course.  There will be two inversions found on the ride, a giant Immelmann after the second launch and a heartline roll.

The layout is so twisted that it might be easy to forget what the ride will offer as we watch it be constructed, so check out the video below for a nice refresher.