Monday, February 13, 2017

Official Opening Date + New Aerial Views of Universal's Volcano Bay

Universal has announced that their new water theme park, Volcano Bay, will open to the public on May 25th.  That means that in a little over three months visitors to the resort will be able to check out the "immersive environments, exhilarating rides, relaxing escapes and amazing technology" that Volcano Bay has to offer.

In a post about Volcano Bay's official opening date, Universal also gave readers a peek at the park's new TapuTapu wearable technology.  The bracelets will be given to each visitor and allow them to enjoy using virtual lines, so they can play in the park while they are in a virtual line for many of the slides and attractions.  The TapuTapu bracelet will also allow visitors to interact with the park around them, including activating water geysers on unsuspecting guests and revealing hidden paintings in the caves under the volcano.

© bioreconstruct via Twitter
If you're wondering how the progress of Volcano Bay is coming along, well you're in luck.  Over on Twitter, user bioreconstruct has been keeping everyone updated with some amazing aerial photos of the water park's progress.  One is featured above (out of a couple dozen) that were just posted over this past weekend.  The photos not only show off the park and its attractions, they also help us understand what we're looking at with descriptions and more information.

Head over to bioreconstruct's feed on Twitter to check out the photos, and make sure to follow them when you're there!