Monday, February 6, 2017

Fun Spot America - Kissimmee Names New Gravity Group Wood Coaster

Fun Spot America, located in Kissimmee, Florida, announced the name of their new Gravity Group wood coaster on a commercial during last night's 'big game,' revealing that the ride will be named Mine Blower.  The coaster will be the first wooden ride in Florida to include a full inversion when it opens this summer.

© Fun Spot America
The park also revealed that Mine Blower will include "2 mine tunnels" within its compact layout, and released some additional concept art (above) of the front of the train... filled with some ACME rockets!  The coaster's foundation is already complete, and a couple days ago the first bents were put into place... it is all uphill from here!

When completed, Mine Blower will stand 82 feet tall, reach a maximum speed of 49 miles per hour, and contain 2,256 feet of twisted wooden track, including the aforementioned corkscrew/barrel roll inversion.