Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hydrus Revealed as Name for New Casino Pier Roller Coaster

© Casino Pier
Casino Pier's new Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter roller coaster now has a name, and it is Hydrus!  While the name Hydrus is a bit reminiscent of the mythical Hydra, it's actually also the name of a constellation according to the almighty Wikipedia.  But, the article does point out that Hydrus means "male water snake," so there is still a connection to Hydra in there somewhere.

Either way, the ride now has a fun name and on top of that it is already complete!  The final track pieces went in just a day or so ago, connecting the 1,050 foot long layout - seen above.

© Casino Pier / RC Aerial Pro
This photo, shared by the park on Facebook, is a few days old (still missing a few track segments) but really shows off the striking colors that Hydrus has.  This coaster is really going to look beautiful in the bright summer sun, with the waves crashing nearby.  It's great to see Casino Pier growing so much after all the hard times they've had in the past - hopefully this summer many of you will be able to stop by the park and take a spin on Hydrus!