Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Casino Pier Making Quick Work of New Gerstlauer Coaster

© Casino Pier
Rising quickly at Casino Pier, the park's new Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter coaster has already changed the landscape along the shore at Seaside Heights, New Jersey.  The park has completed much of their boardwalk expansion, which has allowed construction of the park's new coaster to start.  Since the ride is compact, it hasn't taken long for pieces of the coaster to go up, and the park has been following along with the work via their social media channels.

The above photo was from just a few days ago, and shows that the final brakes, station, lift and first drop were complete.  Plenty of other supports and some additional track were also up.

© Casino Pier
Fast-forwarding a couple days, we see that even more of the ride is standing - just a couple more pieces are needed to close the vertical loop.  When all is said and done the coaster - which still is not named - will have three inversions, the vertical loop, a cutback (which is half built) and a heartline roll.  The vertical lift stands 72 feet tall and has a 97 degree first drop.

Casino Pier's 2017 expansion will also include a new Ferris wheel, along with plenty of space to grow onto in the future.