Thursday, June 18, 2015

Take a Virtual Ride on Hansa Park's Karnan Coaster

© Hansa Park
Hansa Park, located in Germany, has released some exciting new on ride footage of their new hyper coaster, Karnan.  The Gerstlauer designed ride features a drop from around 240 feet in the air, plunging down 220 feet at nearly 79 miles per hour.  The coaster's first lift is vertical and takes place inside a giant tower, along with the majority of the first drop.  The trains, which seat 16 riders, fly out of the building during the pull out of the drop, and immediately head up into a massive set of aerial turns.  While they look like inversions at first, the trains do not invert during them, instead they twist to keep riders facing up during the elements.

The rest of the ride hangs close to the ground, showing off the raw speed of the ride.  The twists and turns include a few air-time hills along the way as progress is made back toward the tower and station area.

Hansa Park has plans for elaborate theming for both the tower and a bit of a dark ride section (which I believe includes a hidden heartline roll) that will come online in the future.  The theme park did the same thing with their other Gerstlauer launched ride, Fluch von Novgorod, where the ride opened one year and heavy theming was added the next season.

This is the largest ride I've seen Gerstlauer create, and from the above video it looks like a winner.  Hopefully it is just the start of more to come!