Saturday, June 27, 2015

Scott And Carol Present - Another ZDT's Switchback Update

While ZDT's Amusement Park noz longer anticipates Switchback opening during summer break, the crews are working diligently to get this exciting and unique coaster completed as soon as possible! 

The beautiful skies with light fluffy clouds are a great contrast to earlier this year, when massive thunder clouds dumped near record rains on Seguin TX on a regular basis. Meanwhile, Switchback is really beginning to take form, as track work continues on the initial lift-hill and drop. 

Structure and tracking have also commenced where the coaster will hug the ground beneath the awning. Guests who remember pushing carts through the old grocery never approached the speeds that Switchback will travel. 

Utilizing the existing buildings on site gives Switchback a unique character all its own, because no one else would take the time to incorporate everything as cohesively as ZDT's. 

The tracking is also moving right along on the over-banked turn and it is nearing completion 

Here you can see the head chopper effect that riders will experience as they go through the crossover.

This wider view of the crossover shows how tight a fit Switchback is for ZDT's. Tracking has begun here as well as where the crossover takes place in route to the final spike!

Another building fly through, with a twist!

Of course you can't, but it almost seems like you could high-five other guests who opted for the water slide instead of the roller coaster side. And there is another attraction on the inside of the turn. No space is wasted  at ZDT's Amusement Park.

The more of Switchback we see, the more we can appreciate how much effort went into the design by the Gravity Group team. Our thanks to ZDT's for these pictures, and for the tireless efforts of Danny and his crew. Stay safe and remember to drink lots of water, we remember how hot it was when we visited during the spring.