Sunday, November 9, 2014

Two Face: The Flip Side Lives Once More in Italy

It might have taken eight or so years, but Two Face: The Flip Side, a Vekoma Inverted Boomerang (Invertigo) roller coaster, will operate once again in 2015.  Movieland Park in Italy is currently building the ride, which has been named Diabolik Invertigo.

The coaster has received a very royal blue paint job, both the track and the supports are now the same color.  The ride appears to be heading through the support structure of one of the adjacent water park's slides, about where the station should be.  

© Movieland
Here you can see the cobra roll with the vertical loop just starting to be lifted into place.  The slide support structure can be seen on the right, with the track heading down under it.

© Movieland
This photo, which was just posted today on the park's blog, shows the track heading into the station/slide support structure and the now completed vertical loop.  I haven't been to the park, but it is interesting that they're building the coaster in the water park next door, at least when looking at aerial maps of the park.  Maybe they're doing an expansion to connect the two or something?

Either way, the park will now have one of only 4 operating Invertigos in the world... that counts for something, right!?