Tuesday, November 4, 2014

NPN October 2014 Poll Results

Well we've all survived another Halloween, with the scares of 2014 now slowly fading into the past.  Last month we asked you all what makes a good Haunted House, considering their popularity is raging now more than ever it seems.  Here's the full results:

Each voter was able to choose up to three aspect of haunted houses, with "Creepy Atmosphere" coming in number 1.  That makes sense, I suppose without a creepy setting things just don't seem as scary.  The second most important aspect was voted "Great Scares," another obvious choice that I thought would end up in first place.

Both "Live Actors" and "Special Effects" also ranked highly, followed by "Cohesive Theming" of the attractions.

Interestingly "Gore!" only got 13 votes, showing that most people do not need blood and guts in order to enjoy a haunted house.  Also really of note, to me at least, is that "Media Franchise Tie-Ins" got only one lonely vote!  Considering the popularity of movie tie-ins at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights this was a bit of a surprise.

This month's poll is now live, we're putting the big coasters of the two Busch Gardens parks against each other to see which is everyone's favorite.  Vote over on the left!