Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Kentucky Kingdom Is Seeing Red... Again

© Kentucky Kingdom
Kentucky Kingdom is currently refurbishing T2, their Vekoma SLC, so it can open again in 2015 - only then it will be known as T3 (terror to the third power).  The ride was one of the few that the park did not have ready when the park reopened in 2014.

As you can easily see in these photos that the park just shared, T3 will sport a bright red paint job, changing from the faded black it had most recently been.

© Kentucky Kingdom
The reason I put the "again" in the title of the post is because this striking color scheme is the same as when the ride was originally installed in 1995.  It was eventually painted all black by Six Flags amid strong rumors of it becoming a part of a Gotham City themed area.  That never happened, though, and that black paint job faded badly over time.

It's rumored that T3 will sport new trains that will make the ride more comfortable, but I haven't seen official confirmation of that quite yet.


Unknown said...

On Kentucky Kingdom's Facebook page, the park has responded to various people who have been asking about the new rumored trains. There response has been that the coaster will receive new trains which will drastically improve the rider experience. I'm not sure if you will count that as official word or not, but I just thought I would pass that along to you.