Friday, August 8, 2014

Six Flags New England Wasting No Time on 2015 Coaster

© Six Flags New England
It has only been about two and a half weeks since the Cyclone "blew out of" Six Flags New England, but the park is already hard at work on removing parts of the coaster.

The announcement of the ride's replacement (or transformation, perhaps) will take place with all of the Six Flags parks on August 28th, and a new tease has appeared from the park - seen above.  The image features the text "Shelter in place," which has a scary definition according to Homeland Security.  But this is all for fun, so no need to stay inside your house in a small, windowless room - at least yet! (I kid...)

But back to that roller coaster we were talking about... as seen in this recent update from SFNE Online, the park has started to remove parts of Cyclone's track, along with totally trashing part of the brake run.

This type of work looks similar to what we've seen done on other wooden roller coasters that got the "Rocky Mountain Treatment" as it has been called.  If Cyclone is transformed into a new steel hybrid ride as rumored, the running rails will be replaced with steel IBox track that is capable of crazy banks and inversions.

The Cyclone had a very twisted layout, featuring many tight curves - generally a lot of action stacked on top of itself.  Imagining what Rocky Mountain can do with that style of ride must have enthusiasts salivating at the prospect!