Thursday, August 14, 2014

Canada's Wonderland Expanding Splash Works in 2015

Canada's Wonderland will bring two new attractions to its Splash Works water park for the 2015 season, it announced today.

The first of the attractions is named Splash Station, and is described as a interactive play area for children.  The park hasn't released any additional details on Splash Station, so it is hard to gauge exactly how large this area will be.  It could be a full sized water play structure, but from the simple description given I think it might end up as a smaller version.  It appears as though Splash Works only has one very small play structure with a tipping bucket right now, so regardless of the size Splash Station will be a welcome addition.

The second new ride is named Typhoon, a water slide that was originally built at Ontario Place but never opened and was removed when that park closed for good.  Designed by Proslide, the two slides that make up Typhoon each feature two small funnels along the course, in which the rider's rafts oscillate up and down before continuing downward.

Canada's Wonderland also announced the start of selling season passes for 2015, and are offering a nice incentive to purchase now.  New season passes sold will receive a free admission ticket for 2014, and renewals will receive one Fast Lane Plus ticket for 2014.