Monday, August 25, 2014

Adventureland's Storm Chaser From Above

© Adventureland
This photo from Adventureland (Des Moines, Iowa) is of the park's 2014 addition, Storm Chaser.  It was released much earlier in the summer, but I just happened across it now and wanted to share it.  The ride looks pretty darn impressive from this angle, even considering that this ride is slightly smaller than the WindSeeker rides at the Cedar Fair parks.  Storm Chaser is still well over 200 feet tall, though.

The tower's bright yellow color doesn't hurt, either!  It really makes the ride stand out among the nice green trees of Adventureland.  Storm Chaser was created by Mondial, and is one of their Wind Seeker rides - this one has a smaller amount of seats that ones we've seen at bigger parks as well.

Cedar Fair has had a slew of problems with their rides over the past few seasons, but I haven't heard of any troubles with the Adventureland model.  Perhaps there was some re-engineering done before it was fabricated?  Either way it is a darn pretty photo!