Saturday, July 12, 2014

Knoebels' Impulse - New Video Teaser Released

The summer of 2014 rages onward, but Knoebels is continuing to give fans a reason to look forward to 2015.  The park previously announced Impulse, an inverting steel roller coaster, as the park's big addition for next year.

Now they've released the above new teaser animation of the ride in action.  Impulse will start with a 98 degree lift and vertical drop, with the trains hitting 55 miles per hour.  Four inversions will follow along with plenty of twisted track.

Found within the video is this diagram of Impulse's three trains, each seating eight riders in two rows of four.  The video also confirms that the trains will feature lap bar restraints, so no need to worry about cumbersome over the shoulder restraints.

The video also gives a look at the coaster's logo, which I hadn't seen before.  It somewhat reminds me of a ride logo from the 1980s, but in a good way... I like it!

Impulse will be manufactured by Zierer, which has created many family style rides in North America but only a handful of big rides.  I'm looking forward to checking out Impulse when it opens next year for many reasons, but that's one of the big ones.