Friday, July 11, 2014

Disneyland's Alice In Wonderland Receives Major Facelift

Disneyland recently had Alice in Wonderland, one of their classic dark rides, closed for a while to complete some necessary changes to the ride's outdoor section, but took advantage of the closure and worked on the inside, too.

The results are wonderful, adding modern special effects - heavy on crystal clear projections - to the ride while still maintaining the classic Disney dark ride charm.

ThemeParkHD produced a video of the attraction that compares the ride before the recent refurbishment (on the right) and after (on the left).  It makes it really easy to see all the wonderful changes that have taken place.

There's currently a rumor that Disneyland will do similar refurbishments to all the classic Fantasyland dark rides for the park's 60th anniversary in 2015.  That worried some hardcore park fans, but after seeing how Alice in Wonderland came out I think they may be resting a bit more easily.