Sunday, July 13, 2014

Holiday World's Project 2015 Construction Cam + One BIG New Hint

Holiday World has made being a nosy coaster fan easier than ever by launching a new Construction Cam, pointed directly at the park's new ride work zone.  If you sit and stare at it for a while, like I did, you'll quickly see that plenty of foundations have been completed, and they certainly look like roller coaster footers.  There is also a building going up that's way to small to be a station, so perhaps some sort of power substation or similar maintenance structure.

The path of footers heads back toward the same woods that the Voyage splits through, but that's a bit far off to see clearly.

The official announcement of Holiday World's 2015 ride will be on the evening of July 24th, just 11 days from now.  The park has released one new detail that's sure to interest fans: the new addition will cost more than twice the amount of the previous single most expensive ride.

I believe that the current most expensive ride at the park is Mammoth, 2012's addition that came in at $9 million.  So we're looking at a $18+ million ride.  That's big - really big!  Another recent confirmation was that the new ride won't be part of any new themed section, just "One.  Big.  Thing."  That's according to a new post from Leah Koch on the Holiblog about the ride.

Can't wait to find out just what the park has planned!  Until the 24th I'll just keep my eyes peeled on that construction cam.