Saturday, May 4, 2013

Take a Spin On Juvelen at Djurs Sommerland

Today was the opening of Djurs Sommerland's new coaster, Juvelen or 'Jewel,' and the CoasterClub Denmark was there and filmed a point-of-view video of the new ride! They sent notice of the new video, which shows off what they describe as an "extreme family coaster," and I thought you all might enjoy it.

The ride was designed by Intamin, and features two separate tire driven launches to get the train moving at 53 miles per hour.  And for a launched coaster you'll notice that the ride duration is longer than average, obviously in part to the 3,280 feet of track.  It's not tall and doesn't feature any inversions, but the speed and family-friendly layout will make this ride quite popular, no doubt.

The trains are themed as ATVs, and the overall theme is a jungle adventure.  You'll notice that the start of the ride actually features a dark, special effects section - but with the camera on the first car it is hard to see just what takes place.

Djurs Sommerland is also home to another Intamin ride, Piraten, a mega-lite for which many people rave.  Jewel marks another ride that will elevate the park's reputation even further!