Monday, May 6, 2013

Cedar Point Releases GateKeeper Point of View Videos

With just five days left before the ride opens to the public, Cedar Point has released new point of view videos of their all-new Wing Coaster, GateKeeper.

As an extra special treat the park has filmed on ride videos from both the far front left seat, and also the far right.  Wing coasters have such wide trains that the ride experience differs considerably depending on which side of the train you're sitting on.

I've embedded the right side video above, it seems like that would be the seat I'd go for first.  That side has the 'curl under' at the top of the lift, and quite a head/foot chopper effect on the second pass through the keyhole elements.  You can see the left view video at the park's website, and evaluate on your own!

The ride's media day is coming up prior to opening day, so you can count on coverage of GateKeeper hitting the web soon - and here, too!