Wednesday, March 14, 2012

X-Flight Aerial and Train Photos

© Six Flags Great America

I totally missed another set of trains that have arrived in my update from last week, those of X-Flight at Six Flags Great America.

The sleek red and black carriages will perfectly fit in with colors of the ride, and as we've seen on the other new B&M wing coasters they are sure to look just as elegant. 

For anyone who's wondering about the status of the ride, well it appears as though there's only a couple track pieces left to go in.  Plenty of work seems to have started on the theming elements that will be located around the track, as well.

These photos that were posted to SFGAm World are fantastic, and show off X-Flight from the air in multiple angles.  Especially great is the confirmation that the photos provide of a water splash, or rather simulated water splash, that will be found on the ride.  Should look great once finished up!