Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Quassy Splashes Into 2013 with Waterpark Expansion

I must say, Quassy Amusement Park, located in Middlebury, CT, is in the middle of a pretty exciting period of expansion.  With new family attractions already in place, including the award winning Wooden Warrior roller coaster, the amusement park has announced even more fun for 2013.

This time the focus will be on the water park side of the facility, when Saturation Station nearly doubles in size by adding three new slides and an extensive family play area.  Work on the additions is set to begin this Summer and will be located in the space provided by the vacated "Monster" mad mouse coaster.

The slides will all start from the same tower, but provide riders with two distinctly different experiences.  Supplied by Proslide, the BulletBowl is "is a two-person tunneled tube ride that will drop more than 30 feet and travel more than 210 feet. When the tube emerges from the tunnel it is sent spinning into a gigantic bowl where speed and centrifugal force keep the riders glued to the outside of the bowl."

Two colorful, side-by-side slides will be from the FreeFall series from Proslide.  Aimed at those seeking a more extreme experience, the body slides will stretch 140 feet in length and send passengers down at more than 20 feet per second.

Patrons to the water park had been asking for an area that was specifically for toddlers, and those guests will be made quite happy by this expansion.

The park will also be building Splash Away Bay, and area that's perfect for little "squirts" as the park calls them.  Among the attractions in the colorful area are a rainbow spray tunnel, geysers and themed hands on water play elements.

The area will appeal to kids, but also be parent friendly so that they can keep an eye on the little ones as they play.

Splash Away Bay will be from Vortex products, distributed by M.E. O'Brien & Sons Inc.

The water park expansion will cap off a multi-year expansion that was announced at a total of $5 million.  In 2010 Quassy Amusement Park added to Free Fall 'N drop tower, and will add a family tea cup ride when they open for the 2012 season on April 28th.