Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Swarm Arrives at Thorpe Park

Today was the preview day at Thorpe Park for The Swarm, the park's new Bolliger and Mabillard Wing Coaster.  The ride opens to the public in a few days, making it the first of the three 2012 B&M rides of this style to open this season.

The Swarm's theming has come out as nice as it looked on paper, that's for sure.  There's wrecked and smashed emergency vehicles all around, and the exploded Church that serves as the ride's station looks great, too.  There's even a Manta-styled splash as the coaster turns through a helix.  The enormous size of the trains makes the coaster look rather elegant as it travels around the track, almost over exaggerated in nature.

Thorpe Nerd was at the ride's media event, and was posting videos and photos all day long.  They give a complete look at the new coaster, I suggest checking it out!