Monday, April 25, 2011

Sesame Place Delights with Elmo's Cloud Chaser

(courtesy of Bucks Local News)

Sesame Place has done a very good job of keeping its newest family attraction under wraps. Elmo's Cloud Chaser made its grand entrance on April 22nd, and according to this article, the reactions have been wonderful. Elmo, the Cookie Monster, and Abby Cadabby were all on hand to debut the new ride.

Themed around airplanes, Elmo’s Cloud Chaser incorporates sound effects of plane noises and sound bytes of Elmo talking guests through the experience, much like a pilot might do. This Zamperla swing ride can handle up to 36 riders each cycle, and has a big bright red airplane perched upon the top. From the video above, it seems this special park will be flying high this summer!