Friday, April 1, 2011

"It" Being Installed In Wildwood

© Morey's Piers

A new monster of a thrill ride is currently being installed on Morey's Surfside Pier in Wildwood, NJ.  Its name is "it," a bit of a vague name for a million dollar plus attraction, but catching nonetheless.  Using catch phrases like "can you handle it?" and "this is it," the advertising for the ride seems to play on its name to the fullest.

The park was working on getting the structure of the ride in place this week, tweeting photos of process as it happened.  The rest of the ride won't arrive until later in April, when manufacturer KMG ships it from the Netherlands.

It will feature a new lap bar only system that was designed by both Morey's and KMG.  The new system will allow riders to experience the ride will less restrictions.  This will be the first ride of its kind to feature the new restraints.

The new ride will open Memorial Day weekend, after the Curly Fry Festival, a french fry eating contest.  Eating contest and new, spinning thrill ride?  Someone get the bucket now!