Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Worlds of Fun Plays Hint Hint

Worlds of Fun has been giving out tons of hints about their 2011 addition(s) on their Hot Air blog. A lot of them seem to hint toward something with Snoopy, be family oriented, cost more than $5 million, and is not a coaster but has tracks and will require new vehicles.

Hmmm... parts of the hints sound very much like an ice theatre like Dorney Park built last year, but others doesn't mesh well with that at all. Could there be several new attractions? Dick Kinzel said on today's Cedar Fair conference call that both Worlds of Fun and Valleyfair were having larger capital expansions next year, after all.

The announcement is on August 8th, so I guess we will find out then!


Ryan said...

Could the fact it's "40 feet" and not "40 Feet" seem to mean maybe 20 performers? I can't explain the "Tower" part, though.