Wednesday, August 18, 2010

For Sale: One Classic Wooden Coaster

This news broke some time back, but it's worth posting that Starliner, previously at Cypress Gardens, is once again homeless. The John Allen designed ride originally operated at Miracle Strip Amusement Park, and was moved to Cypress Gardens in 2007.

With Legoland Florida being developed on the former Cypress Gardens site, the Starliner has been dismantled and is now listed for sale. The coaster really only operated at Cypress Gardens for little over a year before the park closed its doors for good.

The hope is that a new owner will swoop in and rebuilt the classic coaster elsewhere, but as of now no offers are on the table. The cost of moving and rebuilding a wooden coaster proves prohibitive for many smaller parks.

The new Miracle Strip at Pier Park opened its doors this past Spring, and has been hinting that they would love to move the ride back to their park. Doesn't sound much more concrete than a strong wish at this point, but hey, you never know!