Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Snoopy! + Dorney Park 2011

Today the old beagle turns 60 - yes Snoopy's 60th Birthday is being celebrated across the country at Cedar Fair parks today. At Dorney Park that called for a special party for him, as well as one gigantic present.

A rather large crowd gathered ahead of time to get good seats. Soon all of Snoopy's friends came out; Sally, Linus, Lucy, Schroeder, and Charlie Brown wanted to help with the celebration. They all had their birthday hats on, too. Snoopy came out, excited to open his birthday gifts.

And open them he did! When the gigantic present was opened a ton of balloons came out, and the crowd cheered wildly. It was then announced that Planet Snoopy was the $8 million gift the park had for Snoopy. He seemed mighty pleased.

Charlie Brown: you're doing it wrong!

Jason McClure, the park's General Manager, the spoke about the new addition in detail. Planet Snoopy will be a complete re-theme and redevelopment of the existing Camp Snoopy. The entire Planet Snoopy will spread over 3.5 acres and will contain the largest collection of kids' rides on the East Coast when completed.

The upper portion of Planet Snoopy, which contains the rides added in 2000, will remain unchanged aside from a total re-theming. The lower portion, which used to be Berenstain Bear Country, is where a total of 7 new rides will debut.

The Flying Ace Balloon Race will be a 40 ft. tower on which guests can ride in their own hot air balloons. It will replace the current Balloon Race ride. The Linus Launcher will be located where the old Berenstain Bear tree currently is. The spinning ride allows kids to lay down and soar like they are flying. Snoopy's Sky Ride will be an aerial monorail that will give a prime view of Planet Snoopy.

Other new rides include the Peanuts 500, Fire Chief, Snoopy's Junction, and Woodstock's Whirlwinds. The current Snoopy Bounce will be replaced with a new one, but this time Snoopy will be themed as an astronaut.

All of the new rides and attractions will fit both parents and kids, so they can ride together.

Concept art of the entire new area

Planet Snoopy will also add a family care center with feeding rooms, play and nap areas, and changing stations. An all new Peanuts Showplace amphitheater will debut, ready to have shows featuring the characters as well as meet and greet opportunities. The Snoopy Boutique retail store, and a new soda pop shop will also be added.

Brick pavers will be added throughout the area to provide for a new look. Many paths will be changed - in the end there will be four entrances to Planet Snoopy, significantly less than before. This will make the area feel more contained and allow for more green space between rides and attractions.

Streamers exploded at the end, when a statue of Snoopy was revealed

Construction on Planet Snoopy isn't set to begin until after the Halloween Haunt ends. If all goes well Planet Snoopy will be ready when the park opens next Spring.

For comparison purposes, here is an aerial of the current Camp Snoopy. The left hand side will be heavily redeveloped, while the right hand side will be mostly re-themed.


Ryan said...

Looks great, but I can't help but wonder about that "more kiddie rides than anywhere on the East Coast" bit. Just off the top of my head, Knoebels, Great Adventure, and Idlewild seem to have more.

NewsPlusNotes said...

I thought it was suspicious, too. It's direct from the press release I got. I think it probably means the largest collection in one themed area, probably.