Friday, August 6, 2010

Valleyfair 2011: Planet Snoopy

Right on the heels of the successful debut of Planet Snoopy at the former Paramount Parks this year, Valleyfair has announced their own version of the land for the park's 2011 season.

Valleyfair plans to spend $9 million to makeover the former KidWorks section of the park, although Planet Snoopy with take up even more real estate than that. In all, the area will sit on 7 acres, a very nice size for a children's section.

Concept art of the new area. Click for a much bigger version.

Planet Snoopy will contain six new rides, and seven existing attractions will be re-themed. Those numbers differ slightly depending on which press release you read, but the result is the same - one large area for kids!

This article is a bit iffy on the details but we can gain that the new rides will be an aerial helicopter ride, mini-coaster (Woodstock Express), tea-cups (Woodstock's Whirlybirds), a kite flyer (Linus Launcher), submarine ride (Deep Sea Divers), a speedway (Peanuts 500), and an inflatable bounce attraction (Snoopy Bounce).

Re-themed attractions include the Flying Trapeze swings, Balloon Race, sea planes, kiddie train ride, Frog Hopper and the Convoy.

The area to be changed, to compare to the concept art.

The article also says that Mild Thing (though it calls it Wild Thing) will be re-themed, but the concept art makes it looks like it will be removed with another small coaster in its place. That ride looks strikingly similar to the children's coaster added to Dorney Park for Camp Snoopy, but that's just a guess.

Many remaining remnants from when the area was themed to the Berenstain Bears will be removed, such as the large tree. The Snoopy Bounce looks to be located there instead. I'm not sure yet whether the foam ball play area will be retired or not, either.

Planet Snoopy will also feature a new building that contains a big Snoopy Boutique. A new Family Care Center will also debut, much like the one at Cedar Point, and an amphitheater will be created for live entertainment. The whole area will be covered with brick pavers, so it's sure to be easy on the eye. Sounds like a whole lot of fun for families in 2011!


Ryan said...

It's interesting that this artwork includes a Capiro ride (Woodstock's Whirlybirds at Carowinds/King's Island and Chopper Chase at Canada's Wonderland). As far as I can tell, Capiro's out of business, so maybe it's coming from Canada, since that one wasn't re-themed this year.

NewsPlusNotes said...

Good point. Zamperla makes a host of monorails though, but most are suspended below the track. On their website they do show a photo of one where it's above the track. Since DP is getting all Zamperla rides as well I'm going to guess they're doing the monorails, too.