Friday, May 28, 2010

Ed Hart's Return To Kentucky Kingdom

The Kentucky State Fair Board has voted to approve the start of formal lease negotiations with an investment group named KK Redevelopment Company - which is led by former Kentucky Kingdom owner Ed Hart.

The negotiations will last for 60 days at which time a proposed lease agreement will be presented to the Fair Board. Mr. Hart has said he'll use $3 million of his own funds, and raise some $17 more to be able to reopen Kentucky Kingdom in 2011.

It "broke his heart" to hear that Six Flags was closing the park, since Ed Hart and his partners were the ones who purchased Kentucky Kingdom in 1990 and turned it into a major theme park before selling to Premier Parks. Another group who put in a bid for the lease was a company led by former Six Flags CEO Kieran Burke.

More details on the story can be found in this news article, including the other executives Hart has retained to help reopen the park.