Monday, May 24, 2010

Aerial Antics: Universal Studios Florida

I noticed that the latest aerial images of Universal Studios Florida included most of Rockit, so I figured it was a good time to feature the park! While still under construction, you can see the last half of Rockit stretching out toward CityWalk in the photo above.

Rockit's station is the red structure in the lower right corner. At this point the only track left to be installed was the lift, crown, and start of the first drop. The unique non-inverting loop is also visible here.

The last section of the (rather expansive) ride sits back here, with that crazy helix structure flying riders directly through a building. I haven't ridden Rockit yet but can't wait - it looks like a great ride!

Most of Universal Florida's rides are inside large buildings, but it's still fun to see them from above. Here's the outside of Men In Black: Alien Attack - it's sleek facade extends the length of the ride building in order to mask it.

Do your best to avoid giant sharks when on this attraction! Jaws takes guests on a trip around the waterways of New England where everything that possibly can go wrong does just that. If you look close you can see an explosion taking place. Cool!

Another recent addition to the park - The Simpsons Ride. Even from far above you can see the dramatic makeover that the building received to remove any trace of Back to the Future. Welcome to Krustyland!

The family coaster in the middle of this photo is Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster, set among many of the park's attractions aimed at the younger crowd. The large building behind it houses the E.T. Adventure... the last remaining one of its kind!

Here's the link to Bing's aerials of Universal Studios Florida.