Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dorney Park 2010 Opening Day Report

Here we are at Dorney Park for their opening day of their 126th season. I see from this billboard that the park is still using the dramatic marketing that comes along with the Ride On tag-line.

Once inside the gates it's easy to notice that Talon's supports have been repainted, which is wonderful since they were badly faded at the close of last season. She's looking good.

Well, maybe not up close. The track wasn't painted at all, and still has black dirt or whatever that is all over it. Maybe that's next?

I love taking pictures of signs. I'm weird. But still, here we have new banners that showcase Demon Drop (really the only mention I saw of it in the park at all) and Snoopy's 60th anniversary. How cute is he?

A nice touch - the park map sign toppers also honor the beagle, complete with Charlie Brown tee-shirt colors in the background.

And finally in Camp Snoopy there's a variety of banners that show off the Peanuts characters from way back when.

Dorney Park is the first in the chain to feature the traveling version of Rock Band Live. The event will take place in the Good Time Theatre on May 28th through May 31st. Should be pretty cool, I plan on checking it out.

White Water Landing got some new water cannons that guests can blast the boats with. They look like the same system we've seen in photos for Shoot The Rapids at Cedar Point. They're quite effective - the red one at the end really soaks the boat.

Not really big news, but some lucky riders on Steel Force got to do a walkdown when their train stopped on the lift hill. I've always wanted to do that!

A Rita's stand has joined the park - and it was quite popular on opening day. Each time I passed by there was a crowd waiting in line.

Also new for 2010 - grass! The vacant plot left by Laser's removal has been planted with grass, and the construction wall running the perimeter was taken down. The area feels very open now. What will become of this land? I want to know as badly as you do!

Little Laser is now formally Steel First. The ride received it's new signage, somewhat bland as it may be.

A small change, but the stand that originally was used by timeshare salespeople and then as a Ride On merchandise stand is now a Guest Your Weight game. There was one of these games directly across from it, which was removed and is now a planter.

Finally, we have two Food Fest Groves that have been walled off already, with construction work going on inside them. While plans haven't been formally revealed yet, I have a feeling this has to do with these photos. Can't wait for fall!


dwitos079 said...

that billboard is so generic. The loop is from a ride that isn't even at dorney.

Andrew B. said...

Any idea how much it costs to use one of the water cannons?

NewsPlusNotes said...

Ya know? I didn't even look. I will have to check that out next visit and let you know.