Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Universal Studios Korea - 2014

After first announcing Universal Studios Korea in 2007, plans are now back on track for the new theme park to open in 2014.

As the economy tanked, so did the project - well I suppose really it just put it on hold like so many other things. There was just a memorandum of agreement ceremony between the various investors in the project and Universal Studios for the project to start once more, so things are looking good.

This Universal Park will actually be part of a larger entertainment destination. In the art above (I can't verify how current that is, though) the theme park is just the top circular part. There will also be a large water park, several themed hotels, a convention center, shopping, a Citywalk area, golf course, and plenty more.

As for the park, which we're interested in, the different art that has surfaced makes it look like they're going to once again combine all the current parks into one. There's old stuff, like Jurassic Park and a Water World show, and new stuff as well, like the inclusion of a Shrek themed land. Some art shows a Hulk-like coaster going out into the lagoon, and one even has some red and blue twisted track akin to Dueling Dragons.

I'm sure now that things are back in motion we'll be hearing plenty more on this one.