Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Blast From The Past - Chance Creates Chaos!

On Feb 6th,1996 Chance Industries, Inc of Wichita Kansas filed a patient for an amusement ride which simultaneously subjected riders to threes different types of movement.

These rides were very popular and relatively inexpensive. For awhile they were popping up in amusement parks of all shapes and sizes.

From Cedar point to Indiana Beach, Chaos was the hot new thing. Unfortunately, either by design or construction, Chaos began creating well...chaos. But, not in a good way.

And, it seems the rides were disappearing and rapidly as they popped up. Most, if not all are part of amusement park history,with many pieces/spare parts rusting away in parks bone yards.

Chance really tried to save the ride, they valiantly created three major modifications to no avail.

I don't spin well, so I really didn't enjoyed my few rides on the Chaos. But, I waited plenty times while Scott took a spin one very one we happened into.


Unknown said...

I enjoyed every chaos I ran into. I can see why some people thought they were uncomfortable, but they weren't nearly as brutal as some rides. The experience was quite unique. Thrilling while not doing anything too crazy.

I'm sorry to see them leaving. Why are so many parks getting rid of them and why hasn't chance figured out a way to save them?

Ryan said...

It's because of the accident at Michigan's Adventure. I was in line when that happened. After that, they were almost all gone. I loved the ride, and it was THE FLAT RIDE at MiA. It is sad to see them go.