Friday, January 1, 2010

A Blast From The Past - A Bit Of CCI

Editors note:Such a busy weekend and so little time, I should have had this up yesterday, but well... it was News Years Eve and all. Seems we're making a habit of being a day late, hope it was worth the wait.

Mike's Amusing Ad Archives on CCI last Sunday reminded me that we have a bit of rare stuff from Custom Coasters, that has most likely never been seen by the public in general. So, this week (and in various future Blasts) we'll be showcasing some of the items we have.

First a brief Custom Coasters International history lesson. The company was founded in 1991 by Denise Dinn-Larrick & her husband Randy Larrick. CCI filed for bankruptcy in 2002, while in the middle of building the New Mexico Rattler and before all the issues were worked out on The Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain.

The Larrick's marriage ended with the demise of the company and for a short time Denise remained in the industry. The heart and soul of CCI's success, the designers, went on to form a very succesful design firm known as The Gravity Group. In it's 10 years of existence CCI built 30+ wooden roller coasters, many of those were and still are highly rated among park visitors. Such creations the Raven, Cornball Express, Shivering Timbers & Boulder Dash

Few have been lost, such as the Villain, Mega Zeph and Hurricane Category 5. And, Twisted Twins is likely to join that group in the future.

And, then we have a collection of proposed concept art, preliminary designs and artist's renderings from parks such as the defunct Opryland, as well as many designs that don't name any park.

Hope 2010 in great year for you all,

Carol & Scott