Saturday, January 23, 2010

Busch Gardens Parks on Google Street View

The roster of amusement parks featured on Google's Street View photos now includes both of the American Busch Gardens parks.

Busch Gardens Tampa, which I haven't been to in a number of years, has sections that seem very new to me...

For instance, here's a shot of the Jungala section of the park, which really looks very pretty. That's the top of the family drop tower type ride sticking out of the rockwork on the right.

And the entrance to SheiKra, the massive B&M vertical drop coaster at the park.

You can also stroll around and stop and take a peek at Montu, standing up behind it's impressive theming treatment.

And lastly here's a shot of a transplant ride from the Busch park up North, Cheetah Chase. If you want to tour the park, click here, and then zoom in all the way and you're off!

Busch Gardens Williamsburg is also now featured as well. The shots were all taken this past summer for both parks, best I can tell. Here's Big Bad Wolf howling over the Rhine River.

And the playful Land of the Dragons with some pretty menacing coasters towering over it!

And a GIANT HUMMEL! (it's creepy in person, too)

This is the splash down section of Griffon - I was hoping that the camera would have caught a train going through but no such luck. It would have been fun to see those kids getting drenched!

To take the tour of Busch Gardens Williamsburg, click here. Here's hoping many more parks are featured by Google!