Saturday, May 30, 2009

Speed: The Ride Pt. 2

We left off at a loop, I believe, and here it is! You come up from the tunnel under the sidewalk and are thrown into a vertical loop above the strip. I've always loved how non-Premier looking the track is on this part of the ride.

After the loop the ride's name really hits home as trains encounter a second set of LIMs that send the train flying out at 70 mph in 2 seconds flat.

And you zoom right through the Sahara's massive sign which is a pretty cool effect when you're on the train - a blur really but still neat!

The train flies around a wide turn to the left and then up you go - the tower spike is around 224 ft. high, but the train wasn't going up all that far the day I was there.

Look I did get one artistic photo of the train! The whole time I was out front taking photos they only launched one train so this was pretty much my only chance. I like how it came out though.

We'll finish with a look at that tower. Obviously once you get up there you get to do the track in reverse, and vertical loops always feel neat backwards.

I'm glad I got to get on the ride as even though it's open again for the time being if the economy picks up and the Sahara is able to move forward with their plans to redo their Resort I'm sure the ride will bite the dust. So go check it out now if you can!