Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Beastly Construction Project

© Kings Island

In 2009, all the fuss in Kings Mills, OH has been about Diamondback. And certainly there is good reason to make a fuss--Diamondback is a fantastic coaster! But let's not forget that celebrations come in wood as well as steel this year at Kings Island: The legendary Beast is celebrating its 30th anniversary!

Don Helbig, PR manager at the park, has sent us this vintage photo of The Beast under construction which was taken back in December 1978. The first lift and drop of 135 feet is visible on the left, with the second lift and drop appearing on the right. The Beast's infamous double helix finale is under construction in the foreground. Talk about your massive construction projects!

In this day of newfangled wooden twisters and 90-degree turns, we sometimes forget about those "oldies but goodies" which have stood the test of time and technology. Don't let that happen to you! Get out to Kings Island this summer and help the granddaddy of all wooden coasters celebrate his 30 thrilling years in style! (And take a tip from us: Be sure to log at least one night ride. You will never look at wooden coasters the same way again!)