Friday, May 15, 2009

CSI: Freestyle Music Park

With [re]opening day right around the corner, it seems the press releases never cease to roll out of Freestyle Music Park. The big news this week has been shows. First came the announcement of "Adrenaline Rush", an X-Games-style clash between two competing teams, and "Ice Cold Country", an ice skating show themed to past and present country music hits.

Then came today's announcement, to which I raised an eyebrow. Soon the entire family will be able to visit Freestyle Music Park and take part in...a crime scene investigation? Bizarre, but true! Freestyle Music Park will be partnering with CBS Consumer Products and Mad Science to present a show called "CSI: Live!" which will allow audience members to take on the roles of witnesses, suspects, and even investigators. If you don't believe me, you can read the press release.

The show is being touted as family-friendly and educational, so I'm sure this fictitious "crime scene" will revolve around nothing more than some goofy, ill-begotten petty offense. Nevertheless, I'm personally having a hard time breaking my mental association with the real CSI. Perhaps I'm in the minority here, but I visit amusement parks to escape the cares and tribulations of my everday existence, not to reinforce them! When I'm at a park, I don't care to think about whether the guy behind me in line for the carousel is plotting revenge on his ex, nor do I wish to consider that some hoodlum may be jacking my car in the parking lot as I scarf down my nutritious $20 chicken finger meal.

But hey, that's me. If you have a budding Sherlock Holmes in your family, Freestyle Music Park may have a smash hit on their hands. If nothing else, the concept is intriguing. I'll be interested to read the reviews on this one.