Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dark Knight Opening Photos

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Well, here's the first batch of Dark Knight photos from the ride's opening today at Six Flags Great Adventure. GADVOnline has a ton of photos of the ride and its opening ceremonies.

The first rider reactions keep mentioning that the mouse is not braked much and you fly by the scenery so fast that it's just a blur. That's a bummer, but it was opening day so I'm sure test & adjust isn't over yet...

The preshow room looks pretty sweet, along with the indoor queue and station. I'm sorry though, painting a blue and gray sky on that huge building does not make it any less ugly... maybe they're not done with that yet either?


dwitos079 said...

I was there yesterday, it was pretty weak. Skull Mountain definitely owns.

Chris said...

They really should have went the universal/disney hollywood studios route by making the exterior a movie studio. It would probably have even cost less and would be a better excuse at poor exterior theming. Plus, it would fit well into "Movie Town".