Thursday, March 5, 2020

The Jersey Devil Coaster Has Gone Vertical at Six Flags Great Adventure

© Six Flags Great Adventure
Exciting times over at Six Flags Great Adventure!  The park's new for 2020 single rail Rocky Mountain Construction ride, the Jersey Devil Coaster, has gone vertical in the past week.  The park shared some photos of the first supports that have been put in place, and the park got quite a few of them installed quickly!

You can see in the photo above that both smaller supports for the station/brake/transfer area went in, but there's also some taller ones that look like they will support one of the Jersey Devil Coaster's many air-time hills.  Since RMC's single rail roller coasters do not use a lot of supports for the monorail-style track, that means that they go up pretty fast.  Lots of progress is sure to be just around the corner!

© Six Flags Great Adventure
The theme park also debuted their third construction update video this week, and along with great shots of the ride's trains and a wonderful explanation of the Jersey Devil folklore, the park also showed some aerial views of the worksite.  A still from the video can be seen above, and it should help everyone understand exactly how the new coaster will fit into the park's property.  Much of the ride will exist next to the park's children's area, but a big portion of it also extends out into the forested area behind the river rapids ride.

The park is doing an amazing job keeping us all updated as they work toward a Summer 2020 opening for the Jersey Devil Coaster.  Make sure to watch the latest update video below for much more information!