Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Kennywood to Renovate and Return the Old Mill to Former Glory in 2020

© Kennywood
Exciting news out of Kennywood this week for fans of classic dark ride attractions - the park has revealed that for the 2020 season they will refurbish their Old Mill attraction to its former glory, removing all traces of Garfield theming.

The ride, which dates back to 1901 and is known as the oldest operating Old Mill or Tunnel of Love style of ride, was most recently themed as Garfield's Nightmare in 2004.  The ride gained a reputation over time as a nightmare of its own, mostly from guests who knew the former versions of the ride and enjoyed them much more than the bright 3-D Garfield theming.

The idea to turn the ride back into an Old Mill style ride has been around a while, like a decade really.  Way back in 2009 when we visited the park a representative told us that they planned to redo the attraction within a couple seasons, bringing it back as the Old Mill.  Obviously that didn't happen then but good things come to those who wait, indeed!

Above is a great video that Kennywood created to announce the renovations to the Old Mill.  The ride will return to a "retro Western" style themed attraction, filled with mild spookiness that is sure to delight a new generation of riders.  The Western theming was featured in the ride (which has had many names and themes throughout its nearly 120 year history) prior to the Garfield renovation, and many modern day guests still remember those gags.  To that end the park will be able to bring back a definite sense of nostalgia for park fans.

The Old Mill will reopen at Kennywood as soon as the park has the work completed, which they hope will be close to the park's opening in early May.