Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Iron Gwazi Has Started Testing at Busch Gardens Tampa

© Busch Gardens Tampa
Praise the roller coaster gods!  Iron Gwazi, one of the most anticipated new for 2020 roller coasters, has started testing at Busch Gardens Tampa.

As expected, the trains on this Rocky Mountain Construction creation are absolutely flying through the course, powered by a 91 degree, 206 foot tall drop that pushes trains at 76 miles per hour.

© Busch Gardens Tampa
It was just a few days ago that the theme park shared news that the ride's final pieces of purple track were installed.  The last pieces appear to have been at the base of the towering first drop, which allowed construction vehicles to access the interior of the ride's layout.

The park has been working on the ride's station, transfer and brake programming for some time now, so they were ready to go when the course was complete.  Just yesterday the ride started running, and thankfully the park shared video below!

No opening date has been announced yet (outside of "spring"), but it shouldn't be long until we hear more on that topic.