Friday, September 1, 2017

World's First Skywarp Will Open at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in 2018

We finally know the location of the first ever Skywarp, designed by Skyline Attractions, and that's Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.  The theme park will build the world premier of the ride for their 2018 season, and is calling it the Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster.

Featuring bright red track with black supports, the 32 passenger thrill ride will be located next to the park's Superman Ultimate Flight coaster, and not too far from the Joker.  The track for the new ride will be manufactured by Rocky Mountain Construction.

© Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster utilizes two trains, each seating 16 riders facing both forward and backward.  The trains are powered through a "vertically stacked figure eight track," including two Immelmann inversions along the way.   The ride stands 62 feet tall and features 320 feet of continuous track.  The trains will pass by each other at the start of each inversion, creating a feeling of a "high five moment," as the park calls it.  The trains will do several rotations both forwards and backwards, and with seats facing both directions that means all riders travel in each direction.

Check out this video preview that Six Flags Discovery Kingdom released of Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster in action: