Wednesday, September 6, 2017

More on the Location of Sesame Place's 2018 Construction Project

© Sesame Place
I know that we just posted about Sesame Place's teaser for their 2018 ride yesterday, but a photo the park shared today had me thinking a bit more about the project.

Seen up top, the park posted the picture on Twitter noting that construction on the project has already begun.  There are now construction fences up with colorful wrapping, continuing the theme of Oscar the Grouch and advertising the addition as the "biggest, grouchiest, most exciting" ...something, because the photo cuts off.  Naturally I wondered where in the park this was, so after some extending staring at aerial maps...

© Google Maps
It would appear as the 2018 project is going in what is the current VIP/ADA parking lot, which is adjacent to the main entrance.  Most of Sesame Place's parking is across the street or beyond a wooded area, so this is valuable land that's located so close to the main theme park.

In the aerial above the pink dot is the approximate location of where the photo was taken, with the camera doing a panoramic from the left of the aerial image to the right.  If you look at the area in orange, which is the VIP/ADA parking lot, this is what is currently behind the construction fences.  There is quite a bit of land available if Sesame Place wants to develop the entire lot.

It makes me think that maybe this really will be a decently sized ride (roller coaster?) in the end, unless the new ride is just part of a new themed area or something along those lines.  Still, it's an interesting development since Sesame Place is very landlocked, it's nice to see the park expanding into new territory.