Thursday, September 21, 2017

SeaWorld San Antonio to Debut New Attractions for 2018 Season + New Slide for Aquatica

A variety of new attractions and experiences have been announced for SeaWorld San Antonio's 2018 season, giving visitors several ways to make new memories.

Up first is the addition of Electric Ocean, an all-new nighttime experience that will run during the summer months once the sun goes down.  The event opened this year at SeaWorld San Antonio's sister parks and was well received by park guests.  The event will include nightly fireworks displays, party zones with popular dance music playing and plenty of other lively fun.  Running from June 15th through August 12th, Electric Ocean will also include current park favorites such as HydroPower Xtreme FX, Shamu's Celebration: Light Up the Night and an encore of Sea Lions Tonite.

© SeaWorld San Antonio
Also new next year will be the debut of the Sesame Street Parade.  The park will expand the Sesame Street brand outside of the existing Sesame Street Bay of Play and onto the park's "pathways with the addition of a neighborhood street party parade."  The parade will consist of ten different floats along with everyone's favorite Sesame Street characters.  The attraction will have three different stops along the route where performances will take place when the parade debuts in the Spring of 2018.

Plenty of special events will also fill out the 2018 season, including the new Bier Fest, featuring more than "100 beers from around the globe, including a variety of local favorites.  The Bavarian celebration will also feature authentic German food and festive music."  Watch for the new Bier Fest to start on September 1st, 2018.

Wild Days will also return in the Spring, featuring exciting animal shows and a visit from Jungle Jack Hanna, the Seven Seas Food & Wine Festival will return in April in a new location within the park, Howl-O-Scream will have a scary new stage show in the fall, along with family-friendly fun at Spooktacular, and Christmas Celebration will round out the year with more than 11 million twinkling lights.

© SeaWorld San Antonio
At the separately gated Aquatica San Antonio, the Taumata Racer water slide will open as well.  Starting from a height of 55 feet above the park, riders will zoom downhill head first on foam bodysurfing mats.  The six lanes will feature sliders that race through a "swooping 180-degree turn" before making a race for the finish down two hills.  Each of the six slides will feature a path that is 375 feet long that will be covered in only 10 seconds.