Monday, March 6, 2017

Fun Spot America's Mine Blower Starting to Take Shape

© Fun Spot America
Fun Spot America, located in Kissimmee, Florida, has been making great progress on Mine Blower, a brand new custom-design wooden roller coaster from The Gravity Group.  Mine Blower features steel supports, painted white, that make for a nice contract against the traditional wooden track.  Photos released by the amusement park today show how much of Mine Blower is already standing - the ride is going up quick!

The above ground-level photo shows the turn out of the station and onto the lift on the left-hand side, and over on the right is a part of what a believe is a double-down element that takes place in the first third of the ride.

© Fun Spot America
Fun Spot America also gave us a treat and took to the skies to get some aerial photos of Mine Blower's construction.  The coaster will cross over itself many times, so the park is starting the construction with the center 'guts' of the ride first.  The cross section that has been completed will be fully buried with track above it once the ride is finished.

© Fun Spot America
Highlights of Mine Blower will include a 82 foot tall lift hill, top speeds of 49 miles per hour, an over-banked turn at 115 degrees and a corkscrew inversion that happens over top of the ride's station.  Total track length that the two, six car trains (for a total of 12 passengers) will travel is 2,256 feet.  Looking forward to seeing even more of the ride go up - it looks like some very tall lift hill bents are on the ground and going up soon!